Jump into the ZSCMETAVERZ
Learn how you can download, install and connect to worlds in the zscmetaverz client. We'll also cover basic functionality such as movement, mouse control and menu navigation.
To begin your Zombie Social Club journey and start taking part in events, giveaways and the exploration of our partnered worlds that showcase their projects, utility and art, you'll need to firstly download our zscmetaverz client. IMPORTANT: If you are located outside of Europe, you'll need to download a VPN and connect to a European server to see other players as this is where our servers are hosted. We recommend and personally use: https://protonvpn.com/ Head to www.zscmetaverz.io to download the client. You'll see the red button 'download metaverz'.
After you've download the zscmetaverz client, you'll now need to install it, simply open the zscmetaverz setup file and follow the instructions.
Once you've installed the client, go ahead and run it... once loaded you'll be presented with the login page. You'll need to have either the Metamask or Trust wallet app on your phone to be able to scan the QR code and connect the zscmetaverz with your wallet. We're only 'handshaking' with your wallet so please know your private/seed key and assets are never at risk using the zscmetaverz.
After you've scanned the QR code, you'll be presented with a sign request on your Metamask or Trust phone app. Sign this message to continue.
After you've signed the message, your synced up with our servers and you'll be able to continue to hub. Continue to hub and after loading, you'll be able to select which worlds you want to explore. Simply click on the 'connect' button on the corresponding world to start exploring and taking part in the competitions, giveaways and events we're holding in our discord - https://discord.gg/NNQEqkJE7E
Once you've selected a location to begin exploring, you'll load in and can start moving around using the W,A,S,D keys. If you'd like to sprint, just hold left SHIFT. To jump use SPACEBAR and to gain control of your mouse, simply press the ESC (escape) key which will allow you to navigate to the menu.
For security reasons, we will parse your wallet address into a randomly generated username just like the above image. The ability to change your in-game username will be coming soon but if you'd like to change this now, please submit a ticket in our Discord stating that you'd like to change your username and provide you wallet address and name you'd like us to update this to. Once this has been changed, it'll take 2~ hours to propergate. When you login again in the future, with the same wallet, your new username will always be there.
Using ESC (escape) to take control of your mouse, navigate to the menu to start learning more about ZSC, our partners, current events, mint your ZSC NFT's and more... you can also use this menu to go back to the hub and navigate to another world.
To get back into the action, simply close the menu pop-up and click on the menu icon once more to close the menu and regain control of your mouse and character. Please bare in mind, this is the zscmetaverz BETA and we are continually rolling out updates and improving our core functionality. If we do release an update, you'll need to uninstall the current client and head back to the website to download the latest version. Don't worry, we'll let the community know when we roll a new version out in the Discord. Soon we will release an update utility that'll mean you'll be prompted to updated the client once launched so you don't have to re-install every time we make changes. What's coming soon: - Lower performance client (alongside higher performance client) - macOS client - Global chat - Voice chat - More partnership worlds - Emotes If there's anything you think we've missed in this short guide or would like to suggest to our team, please let us know in the Discord feedback channel so we can continually improve your experience. https://discord.gg/NNQEqkJE7E
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