Installing Metamask
An easy guide on getting setting with Metamask.
The first thing you need to do is install a Web3 wallet so you can own NFTs. The easiest wallet to use is Metamask.
1.) Go to and click 'Download Now'. It will then prompt you to install Metamask.
2.) Click 'Add to Chrome' or whichever browser you use.
3.) After adding it as an extension, go through the prompts asking you to get started and pause at this screen.
4.) Click on 'Create a Wallet'. 5.) Follow the prompts, watch the 'Secure Your Wallet' tutorial, and make sure to write down your seed phrase. Do NOT send it to yourself through email, write it down on physical paper. Store your information in a safe location.
Your seed phrase is the most important phrase you own. NEVER give this to anyone, they will have direct access to all the corresponding wallet's assets.
6.) Next, you will be looking at your Metamask dashboard. This dashboard allows you to find your wallet address and send/receive ETH and other ETH-based cryptocurrency.
  • Underneath your account name, ours is 'ZSC Staking' you can copy your ETH address.
  • If you know your recipient's ETH address, click "send", paste their address in, and choose the amount of ETH you wish to send.
We hope the tutorial on installing Metamask was useful, please remember to stay safe whilst exploring blockchain technology and use best practices provided by Ξ​
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